Urban Government Index of the Province of Bukidnon



The study sought to find out the urban government index of the province of Bukidnon. The data were gathered through interview schedule and document inventory to assess the Urban Government Index (Effectiveness, Participation, Equity and Accountability). The study was analysed using the qualitative and quantitative method. The urban index in Bukidnon is passing with a range of .51-.95 index. The result of the index indicates the institutional commitment in articulating the future of the city’s progress through a participatory process. There is an institutional effort to provide economic opportunities for informal businesses that support the informal sector. However, it has to work out on the provision of the pro-poor pricing policies for basic services (water) to their constituents and ensure gender representation involving women in local decision making as fundamental for promoting equitable policies, plans and projects.

Keywords: Index, Urban, Bukidnon

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