Open Governance, Close Government Participation and Transparency in Local Governance, Gowa Regency Indonesia



The whole world is now fighting for open government. But the fight is now faced with a major dilemma. On the one hand, the law has opened up wider access to improve transparency and citizen participation in policy processes. On the other hand, the same government is also trying to reduce access to the laws that restrict public access to information.
Efforts have been made in promoting transparency and accountability still face several challenges in Gowa, Indonesia such as: a). Occurrence of elite capture, limited collaboration between local governments, civil society and the private sector in efforts to achieve good governance; b). the regency government is more dominant actors who dominate the government. c). implementation of transparency and participation in the law marked a number of anomalies. d). formation of civil society organisations fragments in the implementation of the law on participation and transparency. Transparency and participation has opened up space for improved governance will be open, but the local government has closed the access of all interested parties to participate.

Keywords: participation, transparency, local governance.

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