Socialization and Integrity Strategy: A Case Study of Local Government

Thawilwadee Bureekul, Pattama Subkhampang, Ratchawadee Sangmahamad, Nittaya Ponok, Chompunoot Tangthavorn, Arisara Khamton, Tawitiya Sintupong, Nattapol Pourprasert, Sakol Sittigan


Promoting integrity culture through socialization would be an effective way to solve the moral crisis in Thailand, especially in local government. This study is aimed at examining problems concerning integrity, proposing measures to strengthen integrity, and recommending a strategic plan to improve integrity in local sectors, through socialization. The study used qualitative methodology in order to review the concept of integrity and explore socialization and integrity-building measures from various countries. Primary data was gathered through focus groups and interviews with key informants, and analyzed by content analysis. A strategic plan was synthesized through group discussion. The result showed that there are abuses of integrity principles in local government, such as conflict of interest, lack of concern for public interest, ineffective law enforcement, and lack of concern for local tradition. To decrease these problems, substantial mechanisms have been made into five strategies: 1) increasing information accessibility and people’s participation; 2) collecting wisdom and strengthening integrity in local government; 3) promoting good governance in administration; 4) enforcing the law effectively; and 5) reforming the decentralization framework and the service system in local administrations. Government is required to represent its own political will through a concrete idea of integrity and to decentralize central government power into the local area. At the same time, local organizations should push themselves to be as a role model of integrity in the local area. For further action, the strategy and indicators were used as a tool and standard for mobilizing integrity. Following up and evaluating the result frequently would allow the plan to proceed smoothly and effectively and eventually achieve the goal of instilling Thai society with integrity.
Keywords: Integrity, Socialization, Local Organization, Strategy

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