Cyberbullying Behaviors and Impact to Adolescence in Indonesia



Technological advances are currently growing rapidly; the internet is more easily accessible to everyone. The use of the Internet has become a basic need for people, especially teenagers in Indonesia. However, it also gives a bad impact such as cyberbullying, which experienced by most teenagers who use the internet. The objective of this study are to identify cyberbullying behaviors and analyze the impacts toward both bulliers and victims. The method used in this research is study of literature by reviewing from books, articles and Scientific’s journals related to cyberbullying in adolescence. The result shown that internet consumption in Indonesia mostly are teenager in age 15-19 years old, based on We Are Social and Hootsuite research in 2017 the growth of internet users Indonesia reached 51% per year that is the highest number in the world. According to various studies related to cyberbullying behavior not only affects the victim but it also gives negative impact to those who bullied others. Victims can get a bad mental health and also affects to their social activities which can leading them to become withdrawn and depressed, anxious and insecure. Kids who bullied others tend to do another criminal actions even in the real world.

Keywords: Adolescence, Cyberbullying, Mental Health, Social Media, Technology

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