The Measurement of Economic Efficiency of Agricultural Co-operatives Operation in the Upper-Middle Part of Thailand



The research objectives were to 1) study the Agricultural Co-operatives performance in the upper- middle part of Thailand and 2) measure the economic efficiency of Agricultural Co-operatives operation in the upper-middle part of Thailand.
The study population was the whole number of Agricultural Co-operatives Limited in the upper-middle part of Thailand which were 197 operated Agricultural Co-operatives Limited. The purposive sampling technique was applied as the sampling technique which came up with 86 individual Agricultural Co-operatives Limited. The raw data were collected from the Co-operatives Auditing Department data base. Statistical methodology was comprised of descriptive statistics---arithmetic mean and standard deviation. The Data Envelopment Analysis Model (DEA Model) was applied as an economic efficiency measurement of Agricultural Co-operatives operation.
The research findings were 1) the performance of Agricultural Co-operatives in the upper-middle part of Thailand expressed as financial status of average value of asset, debt, and capital were $3,401,062.77, $2,252,854.39, $1,149,064.51 respectively. The expenditure of Agricultural Co-operatives in the upper-middle part of Thailand expressed as the average value of income expenditure, profit, and operational capital which were $211,243,223.37, $207,654,109.86, $4,083,953.49, and $217,347,796.17 respectively. For economic measurement of Agricultural Co-operatives operation, the research expressed that there were 86 individual Agricultural Co-operatives Limited measured.
As research result, there were 46-individual Agricultural Co-operatives met the standard of economic efficiency while there were 40-individual Agricultural Co-operatives met inefficiency of economic efficiency.

Keywords: Economic Efficiency, Agricultural Co-operatives Limited, the Upper-Middle Part of Thailand.


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