Comparison of the Performance of Selected Tenured and Non-Tenured Faculty of MSU Campuses in Northern Mindanao



This is a descriptive and correlation study that compares the performance of selected tenured and non- tenured faculty of MSU campuses in Northern Mindanao. Primary data used were gathered through a survey questionnaire while secondary data were taken from their official employment records. Frederick Herzberg’s Motivator–Hygiene Theory was used as theoretical framework.

Findings revealed a high level of importance of professional growth, tenure, promotion, achievement, and work environment among participants. The level of performance of non – tenured faculty is higher compared to those tenured participants in terms of teaching efficiency rating, research completed, paper presentations and paper publications. However, in terms of research, the standard deviation of both groups of participants suggests that many of them are not doing research.

Mann – Whitney U test indicates that among motivator–hygiene factors, only rank, work security, work environment, tenure, and salary were found to have significant difference between tenured and non-tenured participants.

By using Spearman’s Rank Correlation, 196 tests of significant relationships were performed, but only 24 were found to have significant relationship. Hence, for the non- tenured faculty, teaching performance, research completed, and national paper presentations have no significant relationship with any of the factors used in this study. For the tenured participants, national paper presentation has no significant relationship among motivator – hygiene factors. Since tenured faculty members performed better than their non-tenured colleagues, it is recommended that qualified MSU–IIT faculty shall be granted tenure.

Keywords: performance, motivation, tenured, non-tenured, faculty 


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